Best Xiaomi Scooter Electrico in 2021

Are you looking for the Best Scooter Electrico?

Here is the complete detail of the best electric scooter manufactured by a well-known brand known as Xiaomi. Xiaomi had manufactured the best electric scooter ever; Xiaomi Scooter M365 Pro is that scooter.
Electric Scooter

Let us have a detailed review of M365 Pro.

The Xiaomi Scooter electric M365 Pro, which is also known as Mijia Pro, is the upgraded version of their previous manufactured M365, which is the most popular entry-level scooter. No doubt it is identical to its previous version but has many changes. It is slightly larger and has a built-in bright LED information display as it has a large deck size, which makes the scooter more comfortable.

Highest Speed:

The Xiaomi Pro has a maximum speed of 25.8 Kmh. Although this is not the fastest speed, this is at its good pace. By hacking its firmware, you can unlock it for higher rates.

Xiaomi Mi365 Pro


This Mi Scooter Electrico must need a kick to start. It is consists of an electric motor having 300 watts of continuous power and 600 watts as its peak output power. The acceleration test required 5.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 24 km/h.

Can you increase the acceleration rate?

We can increase it by merely modifying its firmware.

Hill Climbing:

It shows the better performance on hill climbing as compared to the other entry-level scooters. This M365 had a recorded 15.6-second hill climb with a 74kg rider. This electric is the best scooter under $600 scooters. Some steep hills may slow down the scooter, but the very steepest hills lead to stop it.


By testing the Xiaomi Pro scooter, it found a strange range of 40.4 km/h. A 474-watt hour lithium-ion battery powers it. The extent to its 14 kg weight, this M365 Pro has the best capacity per weight compared to the other scooters.

Braking System:

This Scooter Electrico Consists of two types of breaks:

  1. Regenerative Brakes
  2. Rear Mechanical Disk Brakes

A single brake lever activates these both braking systems. Performing the braking test, we were able to stop the scooter in just 4.6 meters from the speed of 24km/h. It is just an excellent result.

Ride Quality:

The most important part of the scooter electric ever is its ride quality.

Its ride quality depends upon several features as follows:

It has 5 cm, wide tires that make you feel natural. They have a good grip and enough size by which you can control them easily.

Its deck size is 45cm x 15cm to stand on and has a handlebar that rises 99cm above the deck. It’s the power of the M365 Pro, which will provide you the best ride quality.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Features:


It is humbly portable but not entirely optimized for portability like Gilon Dolly.

How to lock and unlock this scooter?

It has a fair folding mechanism. A single lever controls the folding mechanism.

To unlock, pull it down, and to lock, pull it up.

It also has a rotating safety collar made of plastic, which prevents it from being pulled accidentally during the ride. By folding it, the stem locks into the rear fender for easy carrying.


In the center of the cockpit, there is a LED information screen, which makes it unique from the previous version.

The bright display screen is used to reveal the battery, speed, Bluetooth connections, and lights. Like the earlier version changing modes, switching lights on/off, and power on/ off the scooter are controlled by a single button located in the center.


The scooter handlebar is a front LED headlight and rear taillight. When you apply the brakes, the rear taillight will be activated. On the other hand side, the front headlight is used to improve visibility at night time. But still, additional ultra-bright lights are recommended.


This Scooter Electrico consists of front, and rear tires have 21.6 cm wide with a 5 cm air-filled tube. Its supple rubber provides the best performance to the rider in wet conditions.

Xiaomi Mi365 Pro Electric Scooter

Air-filled tires have drawbacks that they are prone to flats, but air-filled tires are recommendable because of their best performance and safety. However, most of the apartments can be prevented or repaired by tire slime.

Build Quality:

The overall build quality of M365 is just excellent. Xiaomi’s Scooter Electrico has a water resistance Ip rating of IP 54. It means that M365 Pro can tolerate water splashes. It has the best build quality as other scooters have in this range.

Can you run a Xiaomi Scooter Electrico M365 Pro in the rain?

Yes, you can make a sweet ride in the light rain but don’t do this in heavy rain. Because in heavy rain, your scooter Electrico may stop working permanently.

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The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Electrico has a 1-year official warranty, which will help the customers.