Scooter Eléctrico Para Adultos


  • 250 w motor with a battery of up to 6 hours and front led lights included.
  • It has 3 speeds: first from 0 to 8 km / h, second from 8 to 12 km / h, and third from 12 to 23 km / h.
  • Guaranteed protection, IP63 against liquids and small objects.
  • A practical model can be folded.
  • High-quality materials, extremely safe.

Bring about down with comfort on the CENTURFIT Scooter Electric!

Scooter Electrico

Leave aspires the traffic! With this vehicle, you can move effortlessly, as it has a 250-watt motor and an estimated battery in continuous use of 6 hours. It has 52 led type lights ideal for lighting the journey at night.

Move forward safely! Its powerful engine has three speeds: first from 0 to 8 km / h, second from 8 to 12 km / h and third from 12 to 31 km / h; supports a maximum load of 120 kg, ideal for people from 16 to 50 years old. It requires 4 to 5 hours of charging (approximately) to fill the battery to 100%.

Get quality! The electric scooter has a certification (CEI 60529 Degrees of Protection) that measures its level of resistance to objects and liquids. Its IP63 avoids the total contact of the motor with the dust; As for liquids, it can be used in light rain (sensation of water like that of an atomizer or spray) for no more than 5 minutes.

Comfort above all! The electric skateboard can be folded to take up less space, ideal to always carry it with you. It also has a digital speedometer and charger, to avoid any unforeseen event.

Strong materials! The scooter has a steel body, larger rubber tires, a paste brake, and a non-slip base to avoid accidents during the tour; a display that indicates speed, battery level, and range, as well as power buttons, drive modes, and speed reduction.

Overview of Scooter Electrico:

Product Electric Scooter
Brand Uber Scoot
Model S300
Wheel width  9 Inches
Material Inflatable Rubber Tires, Metal Chassis
Battery Shan Shui 24V
Battery Duration 40 minutes
Charging Time 4 to 6 hours.
Maximum Speed 25km x hr
Brakes Type Ventilated Disc
Charger 24V 7 Amp, 110V -240V
Recommended Age + 10 Years
Supports Up to 65 Kgs. Approx.
Charging time 4 hours
Weight 18 Kilos
Dimensions 96 x 20 x 94 cm


Scooter ElectricoTypes of Scooter Electrico:

The electric scooter has different types.  Some scooters are for kids and some for adults. Here is the list of some types of the scooter electrico.

  • Scooter Electrico for Kids
  • Tri-wheeled Scooter Electrico
  • Foldable Scooter Electrico
  • Off-road Scooter Electrico
  • Electric Scooter for Adults
  • Fat tire Scooter Electrico

Tri-wheeled  Scooter Electrico

The tri-wheeled scooter has three wheels. It is known as a kids’ electric scooter. It is easy to use kids can control it very easily. Because of three wheels, kids can change their direction comfortably.

Different types of electric scooter for adults

Foldable  Scooter Electrico

This type of scooter is very useful for business peoples. It is easy to carry. After using can fold it and place it everywhere.  Even we can place it under our chair or table. The amazing fact is that we can fold it in just a second.

Off-road  Scooter Electrico

If you are tired of roads and want some adventure then off-road scooter electrico Xiaomi is the best choice. Its unique features are compatible with ups downs and woods.

Fat tire Scooter Electrico

This scooter has wide tires as car tires. It is comfortable because it has a seat. But some fat tire scooter has not the feature of the seat installation.


  • WEIGHT. The maximum load of the scooter is 120 kg; however, the weight of the user INFLUENCES the SPEED of the scooter.
  • IP63 PROTECTION. Garbage doesn’t, ‘t enlist roar any conditions and fog water must not enter at a point of up to 60 °C to one side and left of the vertical at a normal of Eleven liters for every moment and a power of 80-100 KN/m² for a period that at the very least five minutes.

Product Features

Amazing features of the electric scooter are here

Simple design

An electric scooter has a very simple design and easy to use. Its design for comfort and easy to handle. It has long touched that will turn the lights on\off. With a double-tap, it will easily switch between normal and energy-saving methods.

Scooter Electrico

Manufacturing Materials

  • Inflatable Rubber Tires
  • Metal Chassis
  • Strong aerospace
  • aluminum structure
  • with low density
  • high structural strength.

The best electric scooter is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, which increases its durability.

Powerful battery

The electric scooter has a long-lasting battery. You can use it for daily trips and you can charge it everywhere at any time. it is easy to charge

You can charge it for 4 to 5 hours.  Once you charge it fully then enjoy the journey.



  • 1 scooter (in the color of your preference, you choose it before your purchase).
  • 1 charger.
  • 1 anti-slip sandpaper.
  • 2 rubbers for the handlebar.
  • 1 digital display.


  • Folded size: 100×40.5×23.5 cm.
  • Open size: 92×40.5×100 cm.
  • Maximum weight supported: 120 kg.


  1. Unfold the scooter (it comes folded in the box).
  2. To fit the handles, you must place them on the correct side, for this there is an indicator on each handle: L = Left and R = Right.
  3. Place the digital display on the handlebar and adjust with the handlebar screws, and the speed lever. Electric Scooter Walmart plays a very important role
  4. Glue the anti-slip sandpaper to the base of the scooter, it already has glue, just remove the protective paper.
  5. Check if the scooter turns on after assembly, if it does NOT, charge the product until the indicator light turns from red to green (approximate charge is 4 to 5 hours).


  • Driving modes: 3.
  • Speed range: 1) from 0 to 8 km / h, 2) from 8 to 12 km / h and 3) from 12 to 23 km / h.
  • Motor: 250 w.
  • Charging time: 4 to 5 hours approximately.
  • Maximum weight supported: 120 kg.
  • Recommended age range: 16 to 50 years.
  • CEI 60529 Degrees of Protection certification with IP63 level.

It’s time to go for a ride with the CENTURFIT folding best electric scooter!

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