Ecoxtrem 2000W Electric Scooter (Review)

The Key Features of the Ecoxtrem 2000W electric scooter

  • Its structure is metallic and robust.
  • It can reach up to 45 km / h
  • It has a maximum autonomy of 30 kilometers.
  • It is foldable
  • It has an adjustable and removable saddle.
  • It has a 2000W motor.
  • Its 48V lithium battery is removable.
  • The battery is fully charged in 5 to 6 hours.
  • It has an LED front light, brake, brake light, horn, and kickstand.
  • Supports up to 120 kilos
  • Weighs 34 kilos
Ecoxtrem 2000W Electric Scooter
Ecoxtrem 2000W Electric Scooter

What are the advantages of this scooter?

The Ecoxtrem 2000W electric scooter is ideal either for very long rides up to 30 km without recharging (based upon your weight, the kind of course you do, and also just how much battery you’ve remaining) as well as also for brief rides all around your town or city.

This 2000W scooter is still among the fastest electric scooters available in the industry and may reach around 45 km / h (based upon your weight, the kind of path you choose, and just how much battery you’ve gone).

Decide to try to understand and respect the speed limits established by law for this kind of vehicle wherever you’re.

Is it an electric scooter with a seat?

  • This Ecoxtrem electric scooter includes a flexible saddle; therefore, it is possible to ride comfortably padded around the metropolis, even though you may even easily take it off if you would like to ride standing.
ECOXTREM Sparrow Electric Scooter
ECOXTREM Sparrow Electric Scooter
  • It can be an electric scooter, which you may fold to save it in a little distance from your workplace or home.
  • Additionally, as a result of the easel, you may leave it standing anywhere.
  • This scooter’s brakes are all large and comprehensive to consume well the vibrations that occur when driving on uneven dirt or grassy streets at high speed.

What is its battery recharge time?

It has a 48V lithium-ion battery that is removable plus can be fully recharged in only 6 or 5 hours.

And ultimately, the 2000W best Ecoxterm electric scooter comes with an LED head-light, which means it’s possible to observe when driving during the night time and a horn to make yourself heard.

2000W Electric Scooter
2000W Electric Scooter

What are the disadvantages of this best electric scooter?

It has only one disadvantage that it comes without waterproof rating. You can use it in the light rainfall, but it is impossible to take a ride in heavy rain.


We’re confronting perhaps one of the most influential electric scooters available in the industry, having a 2000W engine and also a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

The Ecoxtrem 2000W can be a folding electric scooter, safe because of its brake, brake light, and wheels. Due to its adjustable saddle and high-quality removable lithium-ion battery, it enables you to procure great liberty up to 30 km after traveling.

And today, we have explained for you in this investigation or review whatever you will need to find out, exactly what are you awaiting purchase your Ecoxtrem 2000W at the very best price on Amazon?